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Skincare Tips from Korean Celebrity Jung Yu-mi


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have naturally beautiful skin without makeup? How do they do it and is there some secret we’re not privy to?

Korean actress, Jung Yu-mi, is one such celebrity with a glowing complexion who often appears on screen without any makeup.

Is it just luck or can we learn her beauty tips so we can all have glowing skin as she has? Many of us seek to learn the secrets of Korean celebrity skincare. In this article, we’ve uncovered Jung Yu-mi’s beauty secrets so we can all achieve flawless skin.

Who is Jung Yu-mi?

Jung Yu-mi is the leading actress from the recent hit feminist movie, “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982”. The controversial film follows the life of a Korean young woman who grows up believing she can have it all – a career, a husband, a baby – the works.

However, when her baby is born, she discovers that perhaps attitudes have not changed as much as society would have led her to believe.

Yu-mi is also a cast member of “Youn’s Kitchen”, a well-known cooking reality show in which the cast travel to foreign countries to run pop-up restaurants.

Yu-mi wasn’t wearing makeup during many of the episodes and her skin was perfect. Not only is she an inspiring and accomplished figure but we also want to find out her Korean skincare tips so everyone can achieve confidence in themselves with glowing skin. Let’s get to it! 

What is K-Beauty?

If you’re unfamiliar, K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, is a term used to describe the Korean beauty-junkie culture. In Korea, there is a culture of growing up with rigid skincare and beauty regimes.

Many Koreans are taught these routines from a young age and practice skincare and beauty daily – almost religiously – like their daily meals.

K-Beauty is definitely a mixture of nature and nurture. K-Beauty is becoming more popular in the rest of the world, with many Westerners keen to learn the secrets of flawless skin.

Beauty Tips According to Jung Yu-mi

1. Vitamins

Jung Yu-mi is known to use vitamins to help her skin glow. The Blushing Cherub reveals that in particular, Yu-mi has been known to take a Salicornia supplement. Salicornia is an increasingly popular sea-plant in the world of cookery. It is used as a garnish, a herb or as a vegetable. Salicornia is a great source of vitamin C, A and B-complex vitamins, as well as minerals such as iron, iodine and calcium. A Salicornia supplement is often recommended for those who lack seafood in their diet.




2. Masks

Face masks are a must in Korean celebrity skincare. According to Philippines beauty blog, The Blushing Cherub, Jung Yu-mi swears by masks as her secret to flawless skin. Her number one recommendation is to use sheet masks as they are extremely hydrating and moisturising.

Jung Yu-mi has been known to use face masks wherever she is and whenever she gets the opportunity – even removing her makeup in a moving car to apply a sheet mask. It seems she’s a woman who takes her skin-care seriously! It’s also said Yu-mi uses a mysterious mud-pack recipe from her mother, although what is in it remains top secret. 

Sheet masks are amazing for offering skin-nourishing ingredients, but not all of us can afford a new supply of them every month. That’s why we collated a list of DIY sheet mask recipes for different skin types that you can try making at home. 

3. Anti-wrinkle products

Jung Yu-mi is said to use age-defying creams for her face and eyes. Rumour has it that her husband believed the eye cream was a joke as he didn’t need it. However, perhaps Jung Yu-mi uses these creams as preventatives? As well as face creams and eye creams, Yu-mi is rumoured to use anti-wrinkle packs for her forehead, lips and hands. Perhaps that’s the secret to looking so young!

4. Active lifestyle

Yu-mi has been known to work out for 2 hours a day – for an hour before her shooting schedule for an hour afterwards. It appears you have to sweat for good skin! Of course, this not only accounts for her flawless skin but also her bikini body.

5. Healthy diet

According to Korean pop-culture site, Soompi, it is said that Jung Yu-mi takes on a 2 week diet, cutting out flour and carbonated drinks. Of course, before taking on any diet, it is advisable to do your research and consult your doctor.

Final Thoughts 

So, is it possible to achieve flawless skin like Jung Yu-mi?

All we have to do is to take on board the above; have an active lifestyle, follow a healthy diet and use the most hydrating skin products. There is no shortcut or quick fix; flawless skin takes grit. Could you follow a Korean celebrity skincare routine like Jung Yu-mi’s?

Are you a fan of hers?

Let us know @kiseu 

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