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The Truth About Jade Rollers – Effective or Not?

jade rollers

The jade roller has become one of those hard to ignore products that everyone and anyone seems to have. They’re literally everywhere! It’s all over your Instagram feed, influencers can’t seem to stop talking about them and you probably got your sister or your best friend one for secret Santa last year.

Despite the recent fascination, jade rollers, like gua sha, have been around since 17th century China and used by the elite. Nowadays, jade rollers have been popularized and you can’t seem to get through a whole skincare products haul or 10-step skincare routine without seeing one. But what’s the deal anyway?

What exactly does it do and is it even effective? Or are these facial rollers just another tool that will find its way to the bottom of your beauty bucket left forgotten once the hype dies? Continue reading as we get into the truth and myths about jade rollers.

Jade Rollers – What Are They?

jade rollers guide

A jade roller is a facial roller made of jade stone or rose quartz. A gua sha is similar to a jade roller that is typically made of jade stone but it is a full, flat piece of the stone shaped to fit against the contours of your face. It typically has a rolling pin like end attached to a rod.

Some are dual-headed while others just have the one roller. Jade face rollers are typically stored in the refrigerator because the purpose to the face roller is to apply the cold jade to the skin and add pressure to the face to increase circulation.

The cold temperature of the jade rollers restricts the blood flow to the face, while the rolling pressure pushes fluid within the face (known as lymph) to the lymph nodes which is responsible to process it and filter out the toxins. The result is increased blood circulation in the face and lymphatic drainage, which makes your face less puffy looking.

Are Jade Rollers Actually Effective?

Like we’ve talked about above, jade rollers work by restricting blood flow and increasing blood circulation in the face. Here are how they can be effective and the main advantages of using jade facial roller

  • Increase blood flow in the face: jade rolling can increase the blood circulation in your face which can cause your skin to feel firmer and brighter.
  • Decrease face puffiness. A jade roller can be as effective as a lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system can be thought of as a drainage system to your organs so a facial massage helps drain unwanted lymph fluid from the face.
  • Help clear sinuses: research suggests that jade rolling may help clear your sinuses! However, the research is still in its early stages.
  • Cools and soothes skin: Jade is a naturally cool stone and storing it in the refrigerator will really elevate its effect. If you’re someone that experiences rosacea or another similar skin condition, jade rollers will do wonders with soothing the irritated or inflamed skin and reduce puffiness.
  • Helps your skincare products go farther: People typically use a jade facial roller as the last step in their skincare routine. This helps to distribute and massage your precious serums and moisturizers deep into the fine lines of your skin, and makes sure it stays there.
  • Improve mood: This one may sound weird but research has shown that people who use a jade roller have noticed a decrease in anxiety and negative mood. Maybe it’s the actual soothing process of using face rollers or a gua sha that instills a relaxed state of mind. Research isn’t conclusive yet but we think they’re on to something!

Jade Roller Tips

If you’re in the market for the best jade roller, look for rollers that are made out of real jade, and not some synthetic material they are trying to pass off as jade such as jadeite or nephrite. Other acceptable alternatives are rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian.

You should use your jade roller as the last step in your skincare routine.

  1. Make sure your skin is prepped with your serum or moisturizer. Not only do you want to lubricate your face so you can have an easy time rolling, but the jade roller will help to distribute the product deeper.
  2. For best results, start at your neck and roll-up. Remember: always roll upwards, not downwards.
  3. Concentrate on the contours of your face and pressure points. Rolling over the eyebrows horizontally can help a headache. Rolling upwards towards your temples can help relieve tension and stress. Finally, rolling along the jawline up to your cheekbones can help with de-puffing as well.
  4. Rolling from 5-10 minutes every day is recommended for the best results and is regarded as extremely safe.
  5. Remember to clean your jade roller after every use by wiping it down with a damp washcloth and a mild cleanser for a more thorough clean weekly.

Not only is the experience of using a jade roller fun and relaxing, but it holds many skin benefits as well.

Ensure you’re doing your research when shopping for a roller as there are many jade substitutes out on the market.

Real jade will be hard and cold to the touch. When jade rolling, when in doubt, always roll up and don’t forget to regularly clean your roller. You’ll be contoured sans le bronzer in no time!

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