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The Best Way To Apply Makeup For Downturned Eyes


Commonly thought of as the “windows to our souls,” our eyes and how they look can play a huge role in mediating how others perceive our emotions. When it comes to downturned eyes, sometimes the eye shape can make you look a little tired, or give the impression that you’re wearing a sad expression. 

Makeup is effective in countering this effect. Whether you’re doing eyeshadow or eyeliner, you want to work at lifting up the outer corners to stay away from a droopy expression. 

Before we get into the makeup specifics, let’s explore in more detail about what downturned eyes actually look like and figuring out if you have them yourself.

If you’re convinced that you don’t have downturned eyes, you’ll find tips to your eye shape here


Do I Have Downturned Eyes? 

Downturned eyes are lower in the outer corners than in the inner corners. Sometimes other eye shapes look droopy, too. 

To test whether you fit into this eye shape category – stand before a mirror with a ruler. Match the ruler to both inside corners of your eyes. Then look at the outside corners. Are the outer corners level with the inner corners? Or do they corners dip below the ruler?

If your outer corners sit above the line of the ruler, you have upturned eyes. If the corners are all on the same level, your eyes are on an even plane. Check by looking at the outer point of your eye and seeing if it is lower than the inner point of the eye – if they fall below the ruler’s edge, you have downturned eyes. 


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Beautiful Celebrities With Downturned Eyes

Some girls play up their droopy eyes like Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy used to do. This is great if there is no drooping in other areas of the face. Droopy eyes look amazing on those with thin faces and big eyes (I’m thinking of Eva Green.) Use makeup to follow the natural curve of your eyes to play them up. 

But if you want to change your shape, you’re going to go against their natural curve. That’s where these makeup tips come in.

How to Apply Makeup For Downturned Eyes

Here we’ll breakdown eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyelash tips for your downturned eyes.


Eyeshadow Tips for Downturned Eyes

The placement of your eyeshadow is important too! Make sure it doesn’t extend beyond your eyeliner. Build your eyeshadow going up, not out. Here’s how you do it:

  • When you apply eyeshadow, don’t go below the horizontal line of the outer corner. Imagine – you have a line from the outer corner to your temples. Eyeshadow below that line will enhance their downturned look. Use tape and align it from your outer corner straight up. That way no eyeshadow or liner will go below the tape, and all the product will be going in an upward motion. 
  • When applying eyeshadow, create a higher ‘v’ shape on the corner but higher up than other people would in order to keep the eye lifted. 
  • Enhance outer corners to accentuate your shape. This is an essential tip to remember for eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • For an everyday look: Sweep a light, shimmer shade across your entire lids. This serves as a great base for the darker colours. Next, apply a medium shade to the crease, blending upwards. This is key as it helps to create balance. To enhance the outer corners, blend the entire upper lash line with a dark shade and enhance those outer corners with this same shade. Finish with mascara or false eyelashes.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of highlighting the brow bone – this will help pull attention upward! If you don’t have a highlighter, you can use a very light eyeshadow colour on your brow to give the illusion of a lift.
  • For a look that’s less dramatic, apply a medium color on the lids and in the crease. Then apply a darker color in the outside of the crease. Then blend in an upward motion. 

Eyeliner Tips For Downturned Eyes

Your eyeliner is the most important step for downturned eyes makeup. It’ll help lift your eyes at the corners, but you’ll need the perfect angle. Choose your favourite method below.

  • Before we get into techniques, remember to use an eye primer. This will help keep your makeup from shifting back to your natural eye shape. And if you have a fold that brings your eyes down in the outer corner, tap a little concealer over it, ok?
  • You can start by getting some tape and placing it over the outer corner of one eye. Angle the tape upward so that the top part touches the outer corner of your eyebrow. Don’t draw any eyeliner outside that mark.
  • You might find it easier to use the curve of your lower lid, especially if your eyes are round. Follow the lower curve at the outer corner. Draw an imaginary line from the curve of the outer corner straight up to the upper lid.
  • The thinner the eyeliner is on the top of your lids, the bigger your eyes will look. The thicker the line is, the more it will close your eyes. If you want subtler eyeliner, use black eyeshadow instead.

Eyelashes On Downturned Eyes


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With falsies, it’s always a good idea to clip your lashes to the size of your eye. But for downturned eyes, you’ll need to clip them to where your eyeliner finishes. 

On the inner corners apply the lashes directly on top of your own. Apply the outer edge of the lashes slightly above your own. This will lift the eye even more. 

Don’t worry, you won’t end up with 2 layers of lashes. Connect the fake with the real by applying mascara using the very tip of the wand in an upward motion.

Downturned eyes have their natural appeal. Sometimes, they can act against what we want our look to be like and for that, there are our tips. Supplied with our makeup tips, you’re now ready to own whatever look you want! 

Loving learning about different eye shape makeup techniques? 

From almond eyes to monolid eyes, we’ve got you covered. 

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