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How to Get Glass Skin – The Ultimate Routine You Should Have in Your Life

how to get glass skin

It seems like everyone has their own routine of how to get glass skin – but the question is, does it address your skin issues?

The Korean glass skin routine is only one piece to the world of Korean skincare and beauty. So, if you’re new to the trend, just know this: it might be the most customizable and sustainable skincare routine you can adopt.

At this moment, it’s trending the lights off in Seoul, and when things hit the scene in the beauty capital, they may as well be etched in gold and handed down off a mountain top.

But glass skin? What is glass skin? And what is the routine all about?



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What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is like the holy grail of skincare trends and could very well be one that stands the test of time because of its health-first emphasis.

In a nutshell, it involves a continual yet gentle process of removing dulling dead skin cells while keeping it plumped-up with ultra-hydration.

And it’s done with the right routine and products, what you’ll have is poreless, illuminated and translucent skin that looks like glass. It’ll be youthful, brilliant and captivatingly beautiful because of its natural appearance.

But behind the “glassy” surface, there’s a careful step-by-step routine in achieving Korean glass skin.

So, what’s the routine of how to get glass skin?


How to Get Glass Skin: Diet and a 6-Step Korean Skincare Routine

To really achieve Korean glass skin a sustainable way without the shortcut of surgery, you must do two things: eat healthily and have a regular skincare routine.

Eating Healthy For Good Skin

The whole concept of glass skin is based on creating ultra-hydrated skin from within. This means you have to eat right. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Stay away from cramming down greasy food for every meal. Eat lots of anti-aging fruits and vegetables to help nourish your body from within – and water, CLEAN water, like Alkaline water rich in nutrients.

Once you’ve developed a habit of this, step into your fav cosmetic shop and find the right Korean skincare solutions and apply this glass skin routine!



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How to Get Glass Skin in 6 Steps

1. Start with a double cleanse

One of the absolute most quintessential steps to glass skin is completely removing every trace of oil, sweat, makeup, dirt and pollutants before going to bed every night. Many Korean women use an oil-based cleanser first to cleanse without stripping the skin. Then they follow it up with a hydrating cleanser. Every other night, they choose an exfoliating cleanser in this step to get rid of dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. 

2. Apply 7 layers of toner

Yes, you read that correctly: 7!

Don’t use anything that has alcohol EVER, whether or not you want glass skin. By applying a deeply rich and hydrating toner on damp skin, you’ll have that gorgeous glow. Look for formulas with things like Aloe Vera that provide deep nourishment. Remember to allow your toner to soak in before applying each consecutive layer.

3. Use a water-based mask/exfoliant combo once a week

If you don’t have the time to devote to your glass skin routine, just make sure that once a week you exfoliate with a water-based product. An ideal solution is one that serves as an exfoliant and a mask. Again, this is where a splurge on Korean brands is a wise investment.

4. Use essence

Just before moisturizing, work in an essence with squalene and glycerin to draw moisture into your skin. 

5.  Moisturize

The whole concept of glass skin is based on creating ultra-hydrated skin from within. For this step, you must seek out a moisturizing cream that plumps your skin, with hydrating ingredients. Spritzing face mist afterwards adds to the effect.

6. Use daily SPF protection

The final step to achieving glass skin is to block the sun’s harmful rays from doing any damage to your skin. Apply every day before heading out. Also, make sure it can be easily absorbed so you can stay away from a greasy appearance. 


How to Get Glass Skin The Right Way

Sounds easy enough? Glass skin is easy to achieve if you put in the effort.

However, the key to having it is just like any other skin goal – it’s devotion and repetition.

And being that Korean glass skin is making all the noise in the beauty and skincare industry, not just in South Korea, you’re a lot more likely to get noticed.

So don’t take it from us! Fix up your diet and take the glass skin routine out for a spin! The worst that can happen is you’ll be left with a routine of taking better care of yourself.

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