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How To Apply Eye Cream For Dark Circles and Wrinkles


My skincare routine was pretty basic for years – cleanse, tone, moisturize, SPF. That is, until I started to notice fine lines around my eyes in my early twenties.

I spent hours of research finding the perfect eye cream for my budget and needs, but never thought about the application of the product. As it turns out, how to apply eye cream is almost as important as what eye cream you use.

If you want to get the most out of your eye cream, or are using it for the first time, read on for the complete guide to applying eye cream correctly. 


How To Apply Eye Cream: Before Tips

As with all cream products, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed before applying them, so you don’t accidentally trap grime and makeup into your pores.

It’s best to apply products from thinnest to thickest – this means eye cream should be applied early in your routine, after any watery essences you may use, but before thicker products.

When Do You Apply Eye Cream?

Eye cream can be applied morning or night, but making sure you let it soak in completely is important. If you apply eye cream just before bed without letting it soak in, it could seep into your eyes, making them swollen. (Not the point of eye cream.) Whether you incorporate it into your morning or night routine, wait a few minutes for it to soak in before moving on with your other products.

Do You Apply Eye Cream Before or After Moisturizer?

Because the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, eye cream should be generally applied before serum and moisturizer, to let the active ingredients soak in deep. Your moisturizer is usually more dense than an eye cream, so applying it over will seal in the moisture, letting your eye cream work its magic.

What Ingredients Should You Look For?

Eye creams differ dramatically in their ingredients and the results they promise, but a few ingredients are known to perform better than others. Retinol increases cell turnover, which is perfect for aging eyes, vitamin C can strengthen your delicate eye skin, and hyaluronic acid packs tons of moisture – which is ideal for thin eye skin that can dry out fast. Sadly, dark circles are normally hereditary, and can’t be minimized, but luminescent ingredients like pearl can help brighten up your under-eyes.

Do You Apply Eye Cream on Your Eyelids? What About The Face?

It’s hard to know where to apply eye cream; I used to smear it all over my lids and lashes just to be thorough. Instead, you should use it sparingly, applying only to your under-eyes and gently patting to soak in. To prevent stinging, avoid the eyelids and use your ring finger to swipe over the orbital bone so the product can hydrate the entire eye area.

How Long Does it Take for Eye Cream to Work?

Eye creams are designed for a marathon, not a sprint. This means they work best when used consistently over the years. In general, you should start to see improvements in the skin around your eyes within 6 to 8 weeks of consistent eye cream use. 

How to Apply Eye Cream Correctly

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with a water-based and oil-based cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. 

Step 2: With your skin cleansed and toned, take a pea-sized amount of eye cream onto your ring finger and apply it in dots under your eye, working from the inside of the eye to the outside. 

Step 3: Pat gently to let the product soak in completely before you move on with your day. Swiping your ring finger over your orbital bones will let the eye cream impact the whole eye and can even de-puff in the morning!

Final Thoughts On How To Apply Eye Cream

Knowing how to apply eye cream correctly is the best way to get the most out of these specialized products. Gentle application and using effective ingredients will pack a stronger punch than just smearing eye cream all over. Like using SPF regularly, you might not see dramatic changes from your eye cream overnight, but regular use over the years could lead to brighter, hydrated, and wrinkle-free eyes.

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