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Aegyo Sal: Your Guide to Fashionable Eye Bags


I’ve tried cold spoons, eye creams and even tea bags to get rid of my persistent eye puffiness, and there are hundreds of other strategies on the internet that could be hit-or-miss. If you’re new to the K-Beauty scene, though, you might be surprised to find that Korean beauty enthusiasts are obsessed with puffy eyes these days.

Aegyo-sal, a Korean term roughly translated as ‘cute skin’, is the latest beauty trend in Asia. (And most of your favorite K-Pop idols probably already have it!) Basically, aegyo sal is the term used for prominent fatty deposits just under the lower eyelid. This puffy eye look is supposed to make you look younger, cuter, and generally more friendly. It might come naturally for some people, but strategic make-up application or beauty tape can be used to highlight the fat under eyes. Some South Korean men and women are even getting plastic surgery to achieve this coveted look!

I know what you’re thinking. Since when are dark under eyes cute? But aegyo sal and puffy eye bags aren’t the same thing. We’re breaking down the differences between the two, explaining what aegyo sal is, and giving you the best DIY tips to hop on this bandwagon in no time.


What Causes Aegyo Sal?

Let’s get a little scientific, shall we? Aegyo sal, (Also called eye love bands, or ‘charming fat’.) is caused by a natural roll of muscle called the orbicularis. This muscle is used to close your eyelid, but some people get a more prominent roll when they squint or smile, thanks to a little extra under eye fat.

It’s this youthful look that Korean eyes everywhere are trying to achieve. It’s not just a Korean feature, though. How do you know if you have it? Smile in the mirror and check if your lower eyelid juts out a little bit. Whether or not you have aegyo sal, this look is achievable with a few simple tricks. (But we’ll get to that in a second.) Beauty trends have always revolved around staying youthful for as long as possible, and aegyo sal is no different. This trend is becoming popular because it gives the impression of warmth, youth, and genuine happiness.

People devoted to the youthful look have gotten plastic surgery to get permanent puffy eyes. This surgery is actually fairly simple, if you search out an experienced doctor. Small injections of hyaluronic acid gel can give temporary aegyo sal, or an eye band implant or fat filler can give you this look permanently.

Aegyo sal isn’t the same thing as eye bags. Dark circles are caused by a lack of sleep, fluid retention, or genes. Aegyo sal, on the other hand, is a natural puffiness of the eyes that some people have, regardless of health or lifestyle choices. The biggest difference between aegyo sal and eyebags is the location. Aegyo sal will show up directly under your lower lashes, whereas under-eye bags are lower and often larger. If you’re somebody who is on the search for relief from dark bags, we’ve got you covered.

How Do You Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags?

Okay, so you’re all for a little fat under your eyes, but nobody is a fan of dark eye bags. Whether you have natural dark circles, or you’ve just had one too many nights out, there are proven strategies to get rid of stubborn under-eye bags.

Cold compresses are often used to reduce under-eye swelling, but diet changes can also seriously reduce prominent eye bags. Diets high in sodium, or drinking lots of fluids before bed can both contribute to fluid retention. Opting for low-sodium snacks and making sure you don’t eat and drink a lot before bed could be a solution to your under-eye bags. Some people sleep with an extra pillow to elevate their heads. This prevents the pooling of fluids under your eyes, so you’ll look refreshed in the morning.

Eye swelling can also be caused by too much sun exposure, so wearing SPF and staying hydrated can help fight persistent eye bags. Often, eye swelling is associated with allergies. It’s possible that your puffy eyes could be a symptom of a mild allergic reaction to allergens in your diet or environment. It’s always a good idea to see a doctor to ensure that you’re not exposing yourself to harmful allergens unknowingly.

If you’ve tried all these strategies, or you just have genetic dark circles, laser therapy and filler injections might be a more permanent solution for you.

Aegyo Sal DIY Makeup Tutorial

Getting the aegyo sal look is way easier than you might think, and you don’t have to be a pro with makeup to get it. The cosmetic method is by far the most common and simple way to achieve cute eye bags. You’ll need two different shades of highlighter or eyeshadow, and you can customize the look from subtle to shimmery once you get comfortable with the application.

First, apply a highlighting shade just under your lower lash line, where you want the skin to really ‘pop’. This could be a shimmery, white colour, or even a matte shade that’s paler than your skin tone. Next, look for a matte, brown colour that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. Apply a thin line about a half centimetre below your lower lashes, and blend it out until it’s smooth. Using a gentle tool like a cotton q-tip will let you blend this out with ease, without tugging at your delicate eye skin.

If you don’t want to wear makeup, you don’t have to resort to plastic surgery to get Korean eye bags. Beauty gurus have used under-eye tapes to gently fold the lower eyelid so the fat under your skin is more prominent. (Make sure to purchase tape specifically made for the eyes – you don’t want to be using heavy-duty tape on your skin!)

It’s really as easy as that! Fashion trends may come and go, but luckily this one is easy to reproduce without too much effort. If you’re fortunate enough to have natural aegyo sal, good for you! But with a little extra care, it’s easy to banish dark circles for good and embrace those adorable puffy eyes instead.

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