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How To Apply Makeup For Wide-Set Eyes


It’s important to understand that not all makeup looks or application techniques are universally flattering. Since makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty, finding the right techniques to complement our facial features is the very first step in achieving a flawless makeup application. 

This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. For wide-set eyes, it’s ideal to add more definition into the area near the inner corners of the eyes. For instance, applying eyeliner closer to the inner tear duct can create the illusion that the eyes are closer together. 


How To Tell If You Have Wide-Set Eyes


Not sure if you have wide-set eyes? Some people can easily make the distinction from looking in the mirror and seeing that the space in between their eyes can fit the width of one eye. 

Wide-set eyes are set further apart. Compared to other eye shapes, there’s a greater distance in the space between the eyes. 

To be certain, grab a ruler or measuring tape to measure the proportions. The first step is to measure the distance in between the eyes from one inner corner to the other. Next, measure the width of one of your eyes. If the distance between your eyes is greater than the width of one of your eyes, you definitely have wide-set eyes.

Not convinced this is your eye shape?

Maybe you fit into one of these eye shapes.


Celebrities Who Have Wide-Set Eyes

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If you have wide-set eyes, you’ll be happy to hear that a ton of celebrities also share the same eye shape as you.

Your celebrity eye shape twins include Olivia Wilde, Kate Moss, Amanda Seyfried, Oprah Winfrey and singer Brandy.


Eye Makeup Tips For Wide-Set Eyes

With wide-set eyes, adding more definition to the inner halves of your eyes can visually restore balance by creating the illusion that the eyes are set closer together. Here are the best techniques for applying makeup for wide-set eyes.  


Use Primer

Whatever your eye shape, eyeshadow primer is something you don’t want to skimp on.  Priming the lids before applying your eye makeup sets the foundation for better results. It gives you an even base to work with while maximizing the staying power of your eye makeup. Apply a small dot of primer onto each lid and use your finger to blend it out entirely.  

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You’re probably accustomed to starting out with a lighter, neutral shade and then layering your darker colours over it – with wide-set eyes, this is a best avoided. 

Start by applying a darker eyeshadow over your lid. The key here is to amplify the colour intensity in the area towards the inner corner of your eye, then fade it out towards the outer corner.

Use a shimmery highlighter to add some oomph to your entire eyeshadow situation. Lots of tutorials direct you to apply highlighter or shimmer to the inner corners, but in your case, this just makes the eyes look further apart. Instead, stick to applying it to the outer rim of your eyes. Press the highlighter into your eyeshadow and blend it out toward the outer half of your eye. 

The smokey eye is a particular eye shadow look that’s going to be your friend. It’s a look that works particularly well with wide set eyes because it pulls the eyes closer together. 



 With wide-set eyes, the most flattering way to apply eyeliner is to line both the top and bottom but to add more emphasis on the inner half of your lash line. You can still get away with lining them all the way around – but line your eyes closer to the inner tear duct.

A dramatic cat eye isn’t the most flattering look for wide-set eyes because it can make the eyes appear further apart. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch the winged eyeliner look completely. Just go with a shorter wing.  



Put down the tweezers. You don’t need them – to downplay wide-set eyes, you need to draw your eyebrows closer together. Fill in your brows a little more at the front with fine hair-like strokes.


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Hairstyles For Wide-Set Eyes

Stay away from hairstyles that keep your hair completely pulled back from the face. This can actually draw more attention to the fact that the eyes are set further apart. 

The most flattering hairstyles for wide-set eyes? Opt for a loose hairstyle or wear your hair in waves to add more volume around your face. Getting layers or bangs can work wonders for balancing out wide-set eyes. 

If you plan on wearing your hair up, go for a messy up-do. Style your tresses by teasing the hair on the side of your head and let a couple pieces fall freely around your face. 


Final Thoughts

Some of the most beautiful faces have wide-set eyes and suit lots of different makeup applications – as long as they’re drawing the eyes in for balance. 

Makeup can completely change the shape of your eyes, but it can work both ways. Now you can use the right techniques to help bring the eyes together for a more balanced appearance. 

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