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Upturned Eyes: Makeup Techniques For Your Eye Shape


Did you know the position of your eyes plays a pretty big role in how you’ll apply your makeup? Having upturned eyes can make some makeup looks tricky due to the lower curve being round on the outer edge. 

The most common problem with upturned eyes is when applying eyeliner because it can make the eyes look even more upturned. That’s why today we’re going to show some looks and provide some easy tips to suit your eye shape. 

Because upturned eyes are considered an ideal shape, it’s easy to combine techniques with upturned eye makeup to make them appear bigger, smaller, or however you want. 



Do You Have Upturned Eyes?

The upturned eye resembles the form of a classic almond shape with a natural lift on the outer corner. With the upturned eye shape, the outer corners of the eyes are higher up than the inside corners.

The best way to determine if you have upturned eyes is to imagine a horizontal eye that goes across your eye. 

You can tell which you have by using a ruler. First, hold your head straight and look into the mirror. Now line the ruler up with the inner corners of your eyes. Then check to see where your outer corners fall in comparison. 

If your outer corners sit above the line of the ruler, you have upturned eyes. If the corners are all on the same level, your eyes are on an even plane.

But if they fall below the ruler’s edge you have downturned eyes. Check by looking at the outer point of your eye and seeing if it is lower than the inner point of the eye. If that’s the case, then the eye is downturned.

And if you’re neither downturned nor upturned, here’s a list of the the other different eye shapes.

Let’s take a look at how celebrities with upturned eyes apply their makeup to give you a better visual guide. 


Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips For Upturned Eyes

The upturned eye shape is really common. You’ll see a lot of stars with them: from Alicia Keys to Sophia Loren, Lucy Liu and Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie.

But look closely at some of these celebrities. There’s a lot of different sorts of upturned eyes within this one category. Some are very close together, others are very small and some are big and protruding. Very few have “perfectly” shaped almond, upturned eyes. 

Below are tips on how to apply makeup for different upturned eye shape combinations – without tampering with the beauty you already have.


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It’s interesting but some people have more noticeable upturned eyes – we’re talking about Sophia Loren and Kim Kardashian with dramatically upturned eyes here. A little more balance is needed here. Others have a more subtle shape, but these tips will work for all upturned eye types. 

  • Most makeup techniques try to make the eyes appear upturned with a cat-eye, feline look. That’s especially true when it comes to eyeliner. But this isn’t necessarily what you want for your eye shape. Go for a winged eyeliner, but not a cat eyeliner which is very pulled out and high up. You don’t want to wing out your eyeliner too much because it will pull out your eye even more. 
  • Try adding dark eyeshadow in the outer corners, but blend down, not up. 
  • You can also apply dark eyeshadow to the outer half of the lower lid. This will also help balance the tilt of your eyes and make them appear bigger as well.
  • Avoid dark eyeliner and dark eyeshadow on the top, which can make the eye appear smaller. Instead, play up your lashes with mascara or wispy false lashes. 
  • Start your eyeliner at the middle of the lid and extend it out further than your eye in a straight line, which you can do on both the top and bottom lash lines. Then, use a bit of shimmer in the inner corner and on your brow bone to brighten them. 
  • Apply a light shade to the brow bone. This will draw attention away from the center of your face. 
  • Create symmetry by focusing liner on the bottom outer corners of your eyes.
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The Spacing And Positioning Of Your Eyes 

So, you’ve got your makeup looks sorted, but for additional info, you also should determine the positioning and spacing of your eyes. If you have close-set upturned eyes, the gap between the eyes is less than 1 eyeball wide apart. If you have wide-set upturned eyes, the space between your eyes will be larger than 1 eyeball width apart.


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Lucy Liu has beautiful monolid eyes that are super-upturned too. She uses gradient eyeshadow for a smoky look. She also blends the dark eyeshadow on her outer corners down quite a bit. This helps balance her eyes.


Hair-Styles For Upturned Eyes

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Keeping your hair away from your face, like Angelina Jolie, can really emphasize the beauty of your eyes. If you have long hair and wear it down, it will provide the balance you need if your eyes are super-upturned. 

Whatever the case, give your lovely eyes the little tricks they deserve to look their very best. Armed with these easy steps, you can easily enhance your natural beauty and go for the looks you want. 

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