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Simple Eye Makeup Hacks for Protruding Eyes


Protruding eyes are when you have big, round eyes — like doe eyes! Lovely eyes! 

But as you’ve probably realized through experimentation, the wrong eye makeup look can be unflattering. The goal for protruding eyes is to make them appear softer and more beckoning instead of exaggerating their size. 

If you too want to enhance the shape of your eyes, we’ve gathered some essential makeup tips you should follow. All these tips are designed to complement your eye shape by making them look drawn out to appear almond-shaped or oval-shaped rather than round. 

But before we go further, it’s really important to make sure we’ve got the right eye shape. So, let’s do a quick check to make sure you have protruding eyes. 





Do You Have Protruding Eyes?

Do you have:                                                    

  • large, round eyes that stand out
  • a deep eyelid crease 
  • the appearance of a slightly bulged lid
  • A slight line beneath your eye

If yes, then you have protruding eyes, or what’s also called prominent eyes. Don’t get this confused with almond eyes for example. Unsurprisingly, almond eyes look like almonds — they are large eyes but they are elongated and look more oval in appearance.

Where protruding eyes differ is that the eyeballs come out past the brow bone. Because of this, those of us with it also have bigger eyelids in addition to round eyes. This can make our eyes look huge! 

But there are many different eyes shapes and categories you might fall into. You can read our eye makeup guide on 8 different eye shapes here. 

Moving forward with protruding eyes, we’ll be working mostly with two eye features to modify your look (literally):

  • the lids
  • the brow bone

Let’s get going.


Eye Makeup Tips for Protruding Eyes

Now here’s the thing about having protruding eyes. You can play them up or down with just a few simple steps, especially when you have the visual in your mind of creating an almond shape for your eyes. 


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Try the techniques below before you decide which is right for you. You might get a surprise!


  • 1. Eye primer: The first step to makeup for protruding eyes is to apply primer on your upper lid. This will give you an even tone and a clean canvas for your eyeshadow and eyeliner. 
  • 2. Subtle eyeshadow look: For protruding eyes, use a dark eyeshadow on the lids to make them recess a bit. Try not to use shimmery colours. Or add just a touch on top of the dark eyeshadow. 
  • 3. Shimmer on the inner corner: Where you do use shimmer is on the inner corners of your eyes. You can use this with any look. This really helps to reduce the prominent eye shape and create the look of flatter, oval eyes. 
  • 4. Popping eyeshadow look: To make your eyes blossom, choose a light shade for the lids. Add the same light colour on your bottom lids. Then work a dark shade into the crease. Blend well, of course. 

Eye Makeup Looks

For both looks, you will need to blend a very light colour along the top of the entire brow bone. This is really important because it gives the right balance to make the brow stand out more, so your eyes don’t look like they come out so far.

  • An outward extending wing: An outward extending wing compliments protruding eyes by making them look a little more oval and almond-shaped, and less round. The trick is to start drawing the winged line so that it joins to where the bulge of your lid starts. Once you’ve filled in your wing line, you can line the rest of your eye to complete the look. Make sure to draw your eyeliner on with your eyes open! This way your shape won’t come out skewed.
  • Put on some lashes: Whether you use lengthening mascara or false lashes, make sure to curl the lashes first so that they sit up instead of drooping down. Giving yourself longer lashes make the lids appear smaller, without making the eyes themselves seem smaller.  

Take Hints from Celebrities with Protruding Eyes

Here are a few celebrity tips to keeping you in style:


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A post shared by Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) on


You may have noticed Nicole Ritchie uses dark eyeshadow under her eyes, too. This makes the lower lid disappear for a smaller eye look.


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A post shared by KKWBEAUTY (@kkwbeauty) on


Hiding under-eye circles isn’t a new concept. But Kim Kardashian, who has big eyes, made it the new standard to highlight the entire under-eye area all the way down onto the cheeks. This removes all the shadows in the area. That’s another way to make your eyes protrude less.


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Have you seen Katy Perry’s arched eyebrows resting atop her protruding eyes? The thinly arched eyebrows don’t just lift your eyes, they give more space for highlighting your brow bone.


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A post shared by Christina Ricci (@riccigrams) on


If you’re concerned about a big forehead and this eye shape, bangs take care of both in one sweep, as Christina Ricci has shown us.

So take your pick from smaller eyes or those that stay big and luscious with less bulging. Either way, enjoy your new looks!

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