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Makeup Eraser – Reduce, Reuse, Results

makeup eraser

What if we told you that a makeup eraser cloth is just as effective as your everyday makeup removing routine while also being more eco-conscious and budget-friendly?

It may sound too good to be true, but by opting for a reusable product, you save landfills from being filled with by-products such as one-use makeup wipes or cotton pads while also saving money from not having to repurchase these items.

It may be easier to dismiss this product as a fad or gimmick. Still, consumers continue to seek it out as an alternative to other products because it can erase all makeup with just water, making it a desirable bargain and more suitable for travelling due to its portability and reusable nature being machine washable.

Today, we will explore the wondrous beauty product that is the makeup eraser, outline what it is and how it works, and provide some context to help determine whether it is the product for you.

With that said, let’s get into it!

What is a Makeup Eraser?

what is a makeup eraser

A makeup eraser is a special kind of fabric cloth used to remove makeup with just water instead of using other compounds or chemicals.

Yes. You read that correctly. 

Makeup erasers don’t have any chemicals or cleansers –  just water to remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and other stubborn eye makeup.

While it may be difficult to believe, the almost overwhelming number of positive reviews speak for themselves.

It is easy to find various forms of this product from multiple brands, and one of the biggest appeals of them as a product is their affordability. Depending on the brand, you can find them relatively cheap.

The fabric cloth itself contains tiny hair-like fibres that suck up all the makeup, dirt and oil in your pores. These fibres are essential to note because they are a driving force behind an effective makeup remover alternative.

Unlike other cloths, such as microfiber or polyester, the fibres within a makeup eraser cloth are smaller and more densely packed together to allow for more of them over the same surface area.

This feature is essential for multiple reasons. Firstly, the more finely-packed fibres allow for more grip and friction when removing makeup, meaning you don’t have to press down as hard as might have to with other makeup remover products.

Since they are so close together, the fibres are more effective in removing the finer particles of stubborn makeup, unlike other materials. Due to the sheer number of threads, this cloth is more likely to bind to dirt and makeup.

What are the Advantages?

makeup eraser advantages

One of the biggest perks of opting for a makeup eraser is that it is a particularly promising and viable option for sensitive skin. It presents an alternative to users placing potentially harmful chemical makeup remover on their faces, potentially causing an adverse reaction, such as facial dermatitis.

When used correctly, those with sensitive skin can erase all makeup with just water, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, CC cream, or whatever products you choose to use.

Additionally, most products are made of hypoallergenic materials and fibres, so there is a far less likely chance for an allergic reaction.

Other makeup removing products such as disposable wipes or even some micellar waters come with the heightened risks of causing a potential adverse skin reaction.  Redness, irritation, burning, or breakouts may occur due to any or all of the laundry list of ingredients they possess.

Even if you choose to combine forces and use a makeup remover or micellar water with the eraser, you will use less makeup remover products, thereby saving money.

While we’re on the topic of being frugal, a makeup eraser cloth could do wonders for your bank account in that they are machine washable and reusable. Instead of having to venture to the drugstore or beauty retailer every time you run out of wipes or your liquid makeup remover is empty, you can wash and reuse your makeup eraser hundreds of times.

It may cost more upfront, but your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Since they are machine washable, a makeup eraser is also a more environmentally-friendly alternative to other disposable makeup remover products. Instead of continually throwing out wipes, cotton pads, and other containers, you can just throw your cloth in the wash and use it again.

While some may choose to use multiple products together in tandem, it will still hopefully cut down on the frequency of disposing of garbage and recycling, which is better than nothing.

When used correctly, a makeup eraser can also be an excellent way to exfoliate, especially for sensitive skin, because it is not as harsh as other scrubs or brushes. However, it is crucial to note that you only need to do so lightly, do not rub too hard.

Outside of their effectiveness, they are incredibly easy to pack and take around with you, making them ideal for travelling. Instead of having to maneuver fitting a pack of wipes into your bag or worrying about liquid allowances, simply pack one makeup eraser, and you’re golden!

They are also incredibly efficient. Removing makeup with just water to erase all makeup is an appealing idea for those who don’t necessarily have time for an intense skincare routine. Whether you’re exhausted from the day or merely feeling lazy – no judgement, we’ve all been there – with a makeup eraser, all you have to do is wet and wipe.

You don’t even need to rinse your face afterwards! 

The Disadvantages

While we wish it weren’t the case, there is no such thing as the perfect cosmetic skincare or makeup product. To remain objective, we will highlight some potential downsides to using a makeup eraser.

Like with anything else, what works for one may not work for others. 

While many sing the praises of this product being an excellent product to remove all makeup with just water, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and other stubborn makeup products, it may not be the case for everyone.

Depending on the specific products you use and how much, it may not erase all makeup.

While we highlight the benefits of using one, a makeup eraser cloth should not be the be all end all of your skin routine. We certainly recommend using it as a first step. However, you should still follow up with an appropriate cleanser, toner and moisturizer routine to ensure that your skin is squeaky clean and free of any excess residue.

As well, while it serves as an effective method of exfoliating, it is crucial to mention that if your makeup is particularly stubborn, especially eye makeup, you may feel the need to be more vigorous when rubbing. We cannot stress enough that you should not do this.

Rubbing and pulling your skin too hard will have negative consequences overall.

It is also crucial to mention that hygiene is incredibly important. While some brands say that you only need to wash it every week or so, we would highly recommend the cloth after each use to avoid bacterial buildup developing.

How to Use a Makeup Eraser

When it comes to using a makeup eraser, the instructions are as straightforward as you can get.

To begin with, it is vital to machine wash before first using it. Like any other fabric product, it is essential to wash before first use after removing from packaging to ensure that it is clean.

From there, all you need to do is soak the cloth in warm water – the warmer, the better – and then, voila, you’re ready to erase.

When placing the eraser on your face, use gentle, circular motions and let the product work its magic.

As we said previously, do not rub too hard even if you have particularly stubborn makeup.

That’s all there is to it. It really is that simple.

Makeup Eraser – A Promising Alternative

Removing makeup doesn’t need to be a tedious task. Products like a makeup eraser present a promising, affordable, and environmentally-conscious alternative to many other competing products on the market.

Their machine-washable nature and reusability, coupled with their gentle texture and ease of use, make them an appealing choice for anyone’s makeup removal needs.

Of course, it is crucial to be conscious of hygiene and how you use your makeup eraser cloth. 

Not washing the cloth frequently enough can result in bacteria buildup, and rubbing too hard instead of using a gentle, circular motion could have the exact opposite effect of what you’re going for.

Ultimately, all you can do is be diligent and carefully read the particular product’s instructions that you have purchased.

If you’re on the lookout for a makeup removing solution that is a viable alternative to chemical-based products, we would highly recommend giving a makeup eraser a try.

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