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How to Make Your Nails Stronger in 12 Easy Ways



Before you go ahead and book yourself an appointment at the nail salon, there’s actually a much healthier way to go about this. Because let’s be real, those gel, acrylic and press-on nails definitely aren’t doing much for your real nails in the long-run. 

A lot of people truly have a tough time growing out their nails because weak nails end up chipping or snapping off before reaching the desired length.

If you’re wondering how to strengthen nails, patience is key – but that’s not the only thing required. 

Why Do Our Nails Become Weak and Brittle?

There are tons of internal and external factors that can substantially impact the condition of our nails, such as lifestyle, nutrition and age.

And collagen production is one factor that relates to all three. You can read more about how collagen production declines as we grow older in this article. 

The great news is that there are plenty of ways for you to minimize the drop in collagen production and strengthen your nails naturally. 

Matter-of-fact, here’s 12 of them!

How to Strengthen Your Nails in 12 Simple Ways

1. Take a Break From Fake Nails

This might seem obvious, but it still needs to be said. Ditch the fake nails to give your real nails a break! Trust me, they need a break. 

Your nails might look fantastic after a trip to the nail salon, but resorting to gel, acrylic, or even press-on nails can really damage your nails – the sort of damage which only time can heal. 


2. Use Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover

For someone who’s wondering how to make your nails stronger, opting for an acetone-free nail polish remover is a good start. 

But of course, it’s going to take a little longer for your nail polish to come off because acetone is what does most of the dissolving action. 

Just remember that it dries out your nails just as fast as it removes your nail polish! 


3. Massage your Nails with Cuticle Oil

The best way to moisturize or repair dry, brittle nails is to massage cuticle oil into your nails regularly. What’s cuticle oil? It’s a moisturizer designed for the lovely ends of your fingers. 


4. How to Make Your Nails Stronger? Take a Multivitamin

A nutritional deficiency can lead to weak nails. If that’s the case, then vitamins can give your nails a much-needed boost of strength.

Biotin deficiency is also one of the leading culprits behind weak, brittle nails. Besides multivitamins, you can also give a Biotin supplement or an essential B vitamin a try. 

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5. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet 

This is one way of making your nails stronger naturally

Sometimes the condition of our nails can be a reflection of our state of health or even point to nutritional deficiencies. 

A healthy, well-balanced diet with collagen-rich foods can go a long way in restoring the integrity of your nails. Try to incorporate more biotin or iron-rich foods into your diet. This includes lean meats, spinach, cooked eggs and avocado. 


6. How To Grow Your Nails Fast? Stop Biting Them

It’s pretty counterintuitive to nibble on your nails when you’re trying to get long fingernails and grow them out. But we get it, when your nails are already chipped or peeling, it’s tempting to do it.

But try to break the habit and instead, grab a pair of nail clippers or a soft nail file to salvage whatever you can. Then, only maybe, your other half will stop looking at you weirdly. 


7. Pamper Your Nails With a Soak

Just because you’ve forgone your regular trip to the nail salon, it doesn’t mean you can’t pamper your nails. To nourish your nails, soak them in a bowl of melted coconut oil OR olive oil for a relaxation session.


8. Use a Nail Strengthener

If the one thing that’s on your mind is how to make your nails stronger, it only makes sense that you invest in a nail strengthener. But make sure it’s formulated with keratin protein.

Keratin is what’s responsible for fortifying and restoring the integrity back to dry, brittle nails.  


9. Ditch The Nail Polish

If you’re really committed to achieving stronger, longer nails the natural way… then you might want to lay off the nail polish entirely! When you’re trying to get your nails in their best possible condition, you can do without all those extra chemicals.  

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10. Drink More Water

It’s no secret that adequate hydration is essential to maintaining great health. The same concept applies to our nail health. 

Dry, brittle nails can be a sign that your body isn’t getting enough water. And you really can’t go wrong with increasing your fluid intake.


11. Treat your Nails Better

If you’re looking for a simple solution for how to make your nails stronger – well, the first step would be to treat them better. Stop treating your nails as tools by using them to pry things open or apart. 


12. Buy a Soft Nail File

Forget about those value packs that look oh so tempting. 

In keeping up with the sentiment to treat your nails better, you should invest in a soft nail file to stop yourself from going overboard with the harsh back-and-forth action on your nails. 

That’s it? You Bet Your Nails It Is

A set of well-groomed nails is the ultimate fashion accessory. Hopefully, these 12 tips will help you make your nails stronger and longer. 

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