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8 Hooded Eye Makeup Tips for Hollywood Eyes


Hooded eyes are Hollywood eyes! Yes, they’re celebrity eyes and model eyes. Okay, yes, they are still hooded. But they are incredibly common which is why you’ll see hooded eyes on some of the world’s most gorgeous celebs. 

Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, to name a few.

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But if you have hooded eyes and you’re not so cheery about it, we get it. You spend half an hour applying eyeshadow, only to open your eyes and look as though you haven’t applied anything at all. 

It’s frustrating, but it doesn’t need to be, which is why we’ve gathered some eyeshadow tips to make your daily makeup routine a lot easier. 

Not convinced that you have hooded eyes? Explore the different eye shapes here

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What are Hooded Eyes?

So, what are hooded eyes? Many people of Northern European descent have hooded eyes genetically. That’s why you’ll see so many Hollywood celebs with these characteristics: reduced upper eyelids, a prominent brow area and maybe even a hidden crease

If you have hoods, you’re lucky! Hollywood is full of stunning makeup on hooded eyes. It’s a little tricky to apply, but we’re here for you.

How to tell if you have hooded eyes or not

With hooded eyes, the brow area is puffy with fat deposits. There might be some extra skin in the area, too, that can make a fold. 

Other eye shapes can seem similar to hooded eyes, though:

  • Hooded eyelids vs. heavy-lidded eyes: If your eyelids droop, they might feel “hooded,” but actually aren’t (unless the brow area is extra puffy). Exhaustion can cause your eyes to look puffy and your eyelids to droop down over your irises. Those are heavy-lidded eyes. But with hooded eyes, the brow area is heavy, but the lids don’t droop down in the center.
  • Hooded eyes vs. deep-set: Deep-set eyes have a prominent brow bone all the way across the top, with or without hooded eye puffiness in the outer half of the brow bone.
  • Hooded eyes vs. monolids: Hooded eyes can look like monolids, but they’re different because hooded eyes have a crease and monolids don’t.

However, monolid girls can create a crease using a technique similar to hooded eye makeup. That’s because eye makeup isn’t just about colour, it’s contouring too! You can find more about monolid eyes here.

8 Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

Let’s start with adding a contouring lift to your hooded eyes. The main aim here is to lift the hood and make it appear less prominent. To do this, it’s best to use small brushes. You have to be really exact in the placement of the makeup. 


Hooded eyeshadow tips that lift

To apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes, it’s best to use only 2 shades of any colour: light and dark. This will give a strong contrast, providing the lift. 

  • With your eyes open, apply a light colour on your lid and go up with it. You should apply the light color a little bit over your natural crease. That means you’ll also have a thin line of it on your hood.
  • Directly on top of where you put the light shadow, lightly apply the dark shade. 
  • Next, with a blending brush, blend the light colour up into the dark one. The dark eyeshadow should cover the rest of your “hood,” or brow area, until just below the eyebrows.
  • Lastly, apply the light colour again in the very top of your brow area, under the eyebrow. It should be just a line of light color. Don’t blend it down, otherwise, your eyes will look droopy. Instead, use the light shadow to just tap an accent of colour up top.
  • Optional – add accents of light eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes. 

Then the cardinal rule: blend, blend, blend.


Eyeliner tips to lift hooded eyes

Now for the tips to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes. First of all, avoid adding thick, dark eyeliner to the top lid. That’s because it will weigh your eyes down and our goal is to lift and brighten the eye. 

Try these tips instead:

  • Tightlining: apply eyeliner inside your upper lid. It gives definition to your eyes. 
  • Fill in any space between your lashes up top using very short strokes of an eyeliner pencil.
  • If your eyes turn down, you can use your dark eyeshadow and a fine brush to do your eyeliner on the outer third of the bottom lid. To create the lift, extend the eyeshadow up a bit from the outer corner of the bottom lid. Apply eyeliner thinly inside that same eyeshadow, close to the rim of the eye.


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Extra Makeup Tips

Did we mention an eye primer? With hooded eyes, primer’s pretty essential to keep your makeup from moving around and smudging. 

Also, try waterproof liner which will last longer. Top all your looks with mascara to lengthen your lashes and make your eyes appear bigger.

Now that you know how to make up hooded eyes, start looking closely at your favourite celebs and imitating what you like. If your face and brow shape match, you can take the whole look for yourself. 

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