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How to Apply Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes


Deep-set eyes have nothing to do with the shape of your eye. What we’re talking about here is where they’re positioned. 

To explain, almond, round or monolid eyes describe the shape of the eye, usually by looking at your crease and the distance between your eyebrow arch and the lashes. 

With deep-set eyes, however, we’re just talking about how back (or forward) our eyes are. 

We’re going to take a closer look at how to tell if you have deep-set eyes and which makeup techniques work best for your eye shape. 

Hopefully, you notice a significant improvement in your makeup looks once you figure out if you have deep-set eyes or not. Aside from spending countless hours binging on YouTube tutorials to learn all the tricks of the trade, getting to know your facial features is a major game-changer. 

Regardless of your makeup skills, you can achieve beautiful results just by understanding which colours and techniques are most flattering for your facial features.


What Are Deep-Set Eyes?

As the name hints, deep-set eyes quite literally sink deeper into the head when compared to other eye shapes. The eye is set deep into the pocket.

This particular eye shape also comes with a more prominent brow bone because the eyes are positioned further into the skull. A-listers with deep-set eyes include Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

On the other end for comparison, someone with protruding eyes has eyes positioned towards the very front, giving them the appearance of large, round eyes.  

Once you figure out the positioning of your eyes, you can figure out if you have monolid eyes, hooded eyes or almond eyes and get some eye makeup inspiration for those eye shapes.




How to Tell If You Have Deep-Set Eyes 

Here’s a quick test to determine whether or not you have deep-set eyes. 

With your fingers pointing upwards, rest the palm of your hand against your cheek. Touch your brow bone with the tip of your index finger. If you have deep-set eyes, the rest of your index finger will not touch your eye because of how far back your eye is positioned in comparison to your brow bone. 


Makeup Tips for Deep-Set Eyes

  • Use a primer over lids: With deep-set eyes, the prominence of the brow casts shadows in the eye area. Using your fingers, apply a primer or a creamy concealer over your entire lid to bring your eyes forward and to brighten up this area. It’s also going to prep your eye for the eyeshadow to come. 
  • Create a base with a light colour: Apply a light colour all over your lid to soften up the area while creating a base for the rest of your eye makeup. Start off in the area beneath the crease, working your way up towards the brow. You may add more pigment to this spot because it’s also going to serve as your highlight. For this step, it’s best to use either a matte eyeshadow or one with a hint of shimmer. 

Pro-tip: Stay away from too much glitter! Traditional methods to highlight the brow aren’t flattering for deep-set eyes because it accentuates the contrast between how forward your brow is compared to your eyes.   


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  • Use a light-medium neutral eyeshadow over the crease: Sweep a light to medium neutral shade over your lid, bringing the colour upwards beyond the crease. Go over your crease with more product to intensify the effect. 

Pro-tip: Avoid heavy eye makeup on deep-set eyes! Going overboard with glitter or dark eyeshadow can make this particular eye shape appear much smaller.   


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  • Define your lower lash line: Ditch the dark eyeliner – it can make deep-set eyes appear to sink in deeper. Add some definition to your eyes by lining your lower lash line with the same eyeshadow colour from the previous step.  
  • Show your lashes some love: Whether you have upturned, downturned, or deep-set eyes, you’ve got to show your lashes some love. Adding a bit of volume and length to your eyelashes will make a huge difference.  

With deep-set eyes, it’s especially important to pay attention to your lashes because longer lashes will bring your eyes forward. Applying fake lashes is another easy way to make those lashes pop when you have a special event or a night out coming up.  


Play And Experiment  

Have you got a handle on whether you have deep-set eyes or not? 

Similar to how we choose what to wear based on which styles best suit our body type, the same concept applies to how we wear makeup. With deep-set eyes, the defining characteristics are a prominent brow area and eyes that sit further back. 

As you would’ve guessed, certain techniques that work well on other eye shapes can actually make deep-set eyes appear smaller or more sunken in. With these simple steps, you can easily enhance your natural beauty to achieve gorgeous eyes!

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