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Flattering Makeup and Hairstyle Tips For Close-Set Eyes



What’s the secret to applying perfect eye makeup? Well, it’s not much of a secret but a good place to start is knowing your eye shape. That’s because not all makeup looks and techniques are universally flattering. 

What looks great on a pair of wide-set eyes is definitely not going to have the same effect on close-set eyes. It’s the same when you learn what to wear for your body type to draw attention to certain areas and to mask others. 

Once you know if you have close-set eyes, you can learn the right eye makeup techniques for better facial balance and symmetry, while also styling your hair in more complementary ways. 

So here’s the lowdown. 


What Are Close-Set Eyes?




As you can already tell by the name, close-set eyes are closer to each other compared to other eye shapes. More specifically, the width of one eye is generally greater than the space in between the eyes. 

It’s fairly easy to determine whether you have close-set eyes.

  • Larger than one eyeball = wide-set eyes
  • Smaller than one eyeball = close-set eyes
  • Equal to one eyeball = average spacing

You can tell when you have eyes that are less than one eyeball width apart. But if the gap is larger than one eye length, you have wide-set eyes. If the gap between your eyes is the same width as your eyes, then you have average spacing.


How To Tell If You Have Close-Set Eyes

To check, measure the width of one of your eyes with either a ruler or measuring tape. Then measure the distance between both eyes – if this space is smaller than the width of your eye, then you have close-set eyes. 

 If you have close-set eyes, you share the same eye shape as a number of celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus. You can draw on their makeup looks for inspiration if you’re stuck on what to do.  


Eye Makeup Tips for Close-Set Eyes

The goal for makeup on close-set eyes is to create the illusion of drawing them out to make the eyes appear less close together. 


1. Use Primer

It’s a huge nightmare when your eye makeup (that you spent a ton of time perfecting) doesn’t hold up throughout the day. Apply a small dot of eyeshadow primer onto your lid and use your finger to blend it out evenly over the entire area.

Regardless of eye shape, prepping the lids with an eyeshadow primer before makeup application is a crucial step so the eyeshadow and liner don’t move around and smudge.  


2. Eyeshadow application 

 With close-set eyes, the main priority is to make the eyes appear wider and to create the illusion of the eyes being set further apart. To create this illusion, you want to concentrate light eyeshadow shades on the inner corner of the eyes. 

Start off with a lighter shade in the inner corner of your eye, then work your way outwards by layering multiple shades to create a gradated effect.

Once lightened the inner corner, you can use different darker shades on the outer corner of the eyelid. The light, shimmery shade will make it appear as if there’s a greater distance between your eyes, while the dark outer corner gives you definition.

The key here is to keep it light in the inner half of your lid, then amp up the intensity in the outer half to add more definition. 


3. Don’t use eyeliner around your entire eye

How NOT to line close-set eyes? All the way around.

Lining the eyes completely will make the eyes appear much smaller and slightly squinty… which is not the look we’re going for. In keeping with the sentiment of placing more emphasis on the outer half of the eyes, apply eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line, but only over the outer half.


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When it comes to eyeliner, a cat-eye (or winged eyeliner) is one of the most flattering looks! Take a piece of tape and stick it align the edge with the bottom corner of your upper lash line. Using your eyeliner, draw a line along the edge of the tape as a continuation of your lashes moving toward the outer edge of your eyebrow.

You’re going to want to extend close-set eyes outward. Make your line sleeker and longer, and slightly more horizontal, so it widens the eye shape.


4. Eyelashes

To make the eyes appear wider, layer two layers of mascara over your outer lashes on the top and bottom so they appear as wide and open as possible. For extra volume, you can use an eyelash curler and apply a pair of false eyelashes as well. 


5. Eyebrows

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How you fill in your eyebrows can make a huge difference in how the rest of your eye makeup comes together. Extend the tail of your brow to create the illusion of your eyes being set further apart. A wider arch and longer tail look best on close-set eyes!


Hairstyles For Close-Set Eyes

Besides paying more attention to how you apply your makeup for close-set eyes, there are specific hairstyles that are particularly flattering for this eye shape. 

With close-set eyes, go for hairstyles that are more voluminous around the crown or along the side of your face. 


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To fringe or not to fringe? Asymmetrical bangs or even a side-swept fringe that comes down closer to the jawline are perfect for drawing attention away from close-set eyes.


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Another great way to balance out your facial features is to keep your hair pulled back off of your face. A slicked-back bun looks elegant and classy. But if that’s not your style, you can try pulling the front of your hair back and pinning it for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. 


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Now that you’re highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and using mascara and falsies, your eyes are going to seem further apart! 

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