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Easy Makeup Tutorials for Almond Shaped Eyes


Ever wonder why an eyeshadow look that appears incredible on your friend might not look as good on you? 

Eye makeup is often considered to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ application. But different eye shapes matter. And knowing your eye shape will help you get out of a rut and help guide you towards new eyeshadow looks. 

Just like knowing your body shape when it comes to choosing your clothes, it’s the same thing when it comes to choosing eye makeup for almond shaped eyes. Or any eye for that matter. With our guide, you’ll be able to try out some new techniques so you can have different eyeshadow and eyeliner looks for your almond eyes. 

Luckily, the almond eye shape is symmetrical, making the whole process fun because most looks will work on you!

Before we start, let’s define your eye shape to make sure we’re all on the right page.


What Are Almond Shaped Eyes?

Almond eyes literally have a slanted, almond shape. Sometimes they tilt upward a bit at the outer corners and look a little sharp or angular compared to other eye shapes. 

How to Tell If You Have An Almond Eye Shape


Your almond shaped eyes are different from those that are round because they don’t show any white above or below the iris (the coloured part of your eye).

Ask yourself, “Do I have a crease?” as in a crease in the indentation at the top of your lids. If no then you have a monolid eye shape.

If you’re sure you have a crease in your eyes, then take another close look and ask yourself, “Are the whites of my eyes framing my irises when my eyes are open normally? 

If you can see the whites around the lower part of the iris and the upper part above the iris, you’ve got round eyes. 

If no, then you’ve got almond eyes, and you can read on! 

Eye Makeup Tips for Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are one of the easiest eye shapes because almost any makeup technique works on them. 

But before applying any eyeshadow, there are 3 tips you should get used to – putting eyeshadow primer on the lid and learning to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. And in between colour shades, remembering to always take a clean blending brush to blend out any harsh edges before moving on to the next shade.


1. Eyeshadow primer 

You can also use regular concealer, just as long as you cover the entire lid. Primer helps the eyeshadow stay on so the product doesn’t move around. It also helps the eyeshadow look extra pigmented. 

How to?

From just under the eyebrows to the under-eye area. Then from the inner corner to the outer, including inside the bridge of your nose. This lessens the appearance of natural shadows around your eyes which make your eyes look smaller. 

Now, once the concealer is in place, you can start on the eye shadow for your almond eyes. The main goal for almond eyes is to use techniques that will make your eye shape look bigger than it is! 


2. Highlighting your inner corners

Now you’re going really make your eyes pop. You’ve already made the center more pronounced. Now bring your whole eye into better focus by highlighting your corners.

How to?

You’ll need a lighter matte colour than your concealer for this. Or you can use a highlighter powder or cream. Simply add a touch to the inner and outer corners.

Contouring Eyeshadow Tips for Almond Eyes

1. Halo eyeshadow look

A halo eyeshadow is a sparkly look that will make the eyes appear much bigger. Don’t worry, it won’t look exaggerated. But obviously, if your eyes protrude you’ll want to avoid this tip. This tutorial takes a little longer than the others but well worth it for the effect.

How to?

As usual, blend the primer all over your eyelid. Then, using a blending brush, select a light shade and sweep it back and forth, focusing on the inner eye corner. 

Next, it’s time to highlight your brow bone. You can dip your brush in a highlighter or very white/light shade and apply it by sweeping it on the brow bone, following the shape of your eyebrow. 

Then, select a slightly darker shade and apply it on the outer corner of your eye, sweeping it across the crease. This step will make the colour more intense! 

Next, take a small detail brush and apply the colour on the outer corner and the inner corner too. Then decide how high you want to cut the crease and apply the colour there too. Also apply it on the bottom line of your eye. 

Apply concealer on the middle of your eyelid. Spread it as much or as little as you want, depending on what you feel looks best. Now, take your shimmer eyeshadow and simply fill in that empty space where the primer was. 

Finish with eyeliner and a few coats of mascara to lengthen the lashes!


2. The daytime look

Sometimes when you’re rushing off to work, you don’t have time to use tricky techniques. This is where the daytime look comes in handy as it only requires 3 quick dips of your brush into the eyeshadow palette.  

How to? 

Select a light eyeshadow colour of your choice. Take your brush and sweep this light shade across your entire lid. 

Next, choose a medium shade and apply it to the outer corner of your upper and lower lashline. 

Then select the darkest shade. It’s time to extend the width of your eye. Use your brush line the upper lash line and extend it up and out. 

Almond shaped eyes look great with eyeliner as it emphasizes the beautiful shape of the eye. That’s why we’d suggest taking a black pencil or eyeliner and lining the upper and lower lines of your eyes. 

Finish with mascara for a natural, day time look. It’ll look effortless, but chic.


3. The smokey eye

Since almond-shaped eyes are quite symmetrical, you’ll suit both a dark or more subtle eyeshadow look. 

For an intense smokey eye, take the darkest eyeshadow you want to try out and apply this across your entire lid. If you’re more keen on the subtle eye shadow look, take a medium shade and applying that to the entire lid. 

To finish this look off, dip your brush in the darkest eyeshadow colour and apply in a V-shape along the outer corner of your eye. Now you’re more than ready for a night out!

Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

Bold cat-eyeliner was made for your eyes. But with makeup for almond-eyes-turned round-eyes, you’ll hardly use any liner at all. 

1. Fill in your lashes: This eyeliner technique is the way to make your lashes look fuller without weighing your lids down with a heavy line. The more eyeliner you use up top, the smaller your eyes look. How to? Using short strokes of an eyeliner pencil, go between your lashes at the top to literally fill in any blank spaces that are there. You should end up with a very thin line up top. Add just a tad to the outer third of your lower lash line.

2. Tailored eyeliner: Instead of extending your eyeliner out to emphasize the slant of your eyes, you’re going to use an up-curve and tailor the eyeliner to look like another eyelash. How to? Find the last eyelash on your outer corner and start there. Use liquid liner to draw another curve right next to that lash.

3. White-out your waterline: White eyeliner along your waterline is really going to make your eyes jump out. How to? Just colour in the rim of your lower lash line with white eyeliner. We’re not done with white either! To get mega lashes that bring your eyes out, coat your upper and lower lashes with white mascara, then use a heavy coat of black on the tips only. 

You’re done! If you’re interested in more eyeliner hacks, check out our favourite 6 here. 

Now, enjoy your different looks and let us know which one worked best. 

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