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Hair Botox – Your Secret to Fabulous, Fuller Hair

hair botox

The term “hair Botox” may cause you to conjure up ideas of tiny needles being poked into your head, which is a less than favourable image for anyone, but don’t let the name fool you.

No one is going to be pricking your head with needles. Don’t worry.

Instead, hair Botox is a phrase used to describe a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a filler substance to help fill areas that may be broken or thin to make your hair appear thicker, more voluminous and luscious.

While you may associate the term Botox with anti-ageing treatments or rich celebrities with skin so tight they can’t make familiar facial expressions, rest assured that no one will be pumping your hair full of anti-wrinkle serum.

Hair Botox doesn’t even contain the primary ingredient of Botox, botulinum toxin. The hair treatment is instead named such because of how it works.

Are you still confused? That’s okay!

Today, we are delving into hair Botox to outline what it is, how it’s done and the benefits.

What is Hair Botox?

 what is hair botox

Like Botox treatments for skin, Hair botox is a hair treatment meant to help facilitate full, smooth hair, with its primary purpose being to help eliminate frizz. It can be performed at home or in a salon by a professional.

Essentially, it is a deep conditioning treatment that is ideal for an abundance of different hair-related issues such as frizzy hair or split ends. It is perfect for those who live in hot and humid climates or individuals who have damaged hair from over-colouring or relying too heavily on heat tools.

It is also perfect for individuals with very fine hair that lacks volume or fullness, concerned that at-home conditioning treatments may leave hair greasy and require a professional’s touch, advice and expertise to help them reach their hair goals. 

The treatment itself contains various natural active ingredients, including strength-building proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that fill the hair cuticles to heal and restore your hair, creating a fuller, thicker, and more luscious look.

As mentioned before, hair Botox does not contain the active ingredient found in the skin botox treatment, botulinum toxin, the compound that actively works in the skin treatment to reduce wrinkles. Botulinum toxin also has the potential to treat some medical conditions

The term hair Botox instead describes what the treatment does, filling the hair shaft to help hair become smoother and less frizzy.

What sets this treatment apart from other at-home deep conditioning treatments or hair treatments is that the results are much more effective and long-lasting. 

Unlike other options that only last for a few days or need to be applied every day – like daily Argan Oil serums to fight frizz and help smooth hair – or weekly, the results of a hair Botox treatment can last upwards of 4 months.

Hair Botox is often compared with another hair treatment commonly available in a hair salon, keratin treatments. Keratin is a structural protein that plays a critical structural role in making up your hair, skin and nails.

A keratin treatment is typically used for the same purposes as hair Botox, eliminating frizz and straighten hair. However, what sets these two treatments apart is that most keratin treatments are very chemical-heavy, containing compounds. One of them is formaldehyde, a strong chemical that can sometimes be found in household cleaners.

Formaldehyde can cause various adverse reactions, including evoking allergies, irritating the skin, and causing hair and skin dryness.

In this way, a keratin treatment may help maintain your hair’s appearance, but it could be more detrimental to your overall hair health.

Hair botox is formaldehyde-free. Instead, it uses natural ingredients instead of chemicals in at-home or professional keratin treatments to ensure that hair is smoother and more hydrated without containing potentially harmful products.

So, ultimately, it is far more worth your while to indulge by venturing to a professional hair salon and treating yourself to a hair Botox treatment.

Your hair will thank you.

How is Hair Botox Done?

As previously explained, hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a filler to fill any broken or thin portions on individual hair strands to help hair appear fuller and healthier.

The ingredients used in the treatment will vary depending on the professional stylist or individual hair salon. However, an example of one of the most popular choices is Majestic Hair Botox, a patented combination of natural ingredients, including vitamin B5, E vitamins, collagen complex, caviar oil and more.

Luckily, hair Botox does not involve any actual injections. Instead, it can be applied directly to your hair strands.

First, you (if you’re performing the treatment on yourself at home) or your stylist (if you opt to go to a salon) should cleanse the hair with a shampoo, preferably a clarifying shampoo or a purple shampoo for blondes, before the conditioning process.

From there, the treatment can be applied to the hair strands and massaged in from your roots to the ends of your hair.  Then, you simply kick back, relax, and let the treatment sit on your head so it can thoroughly saturate and penetrate the hair shaft and hair cuticles.

Typically, it will sit for anywhere between 20 to 90 minutes.

The next step will vary from stylist to stylist. Some professionals will opt to rinse the product out before drying and straightening the hair with a flat iron. Others will instead choose to leave the hair Botox on while they dry and straighten your hair to help the product work its magic even more.

Either way, a flat iron is used to help seal in the treatment.

And voila! You’re done.

What are the Benefits?


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One of the great things about hair Botox is that you can see the results almost instantaneously.

Of course, you’ll need to go through the process of trying and flat ironing the hair, but after that, the results speak for themselves. You are left with shiny, smooth, beautiful hair that appears fuller and healthier.

As previously mentioned, perhaps the most significant perk of hair Botox is how long the results last. While the effects may wear off sooner for some than others, it isn’t easy to find a hair treatment that benefits last as long as 2 to 4 months.

Pro-tip, if you are looking to prolong the benefits for as long as possible, we recommend going out and purchasing a sulphate-free shampoo.

Unlike other treatments such as a keratin treatment that contains potentially harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, hair Botox products are considered safe for use and only use natural ingredients. 

Of course, for the sake of transparency, every individual is different, and there is still a risk for some irritation or allergic reaction as with any other hair treatment or cosmetic product.

The benefits of using hair Botox extend to a wide array of different users, spanning from those with damaged, frizzy, coarse, or dry hair to those with a fine hair type that lacks volume. It works to make your hair appear fuller, healthier and treat pesky hair pests such as split ends, frizz and dandruff.

Hair Botox also serves as a deterrent for using products or tools to damage overall hair care, such as heat tools, by allowing hair to dry naturally while still being smooth and frizz-free.

The list of benefits goes on and on!

Hair Botox – Get Locks that Rock

It is safe to say that the increasing popularity of hair Botox treatments is for good reason, whether you opt for a professional’s touch or choose one of the many different at-home versions.

Of course, the effectiveness of at-home treatments may vary depending on brand and specific products. In this way, we would recommend visiting a trusted salon to ensure that you receive top-quality treatment purchased from a verified seller.

While it should not be considered a magic fix for all your hair woes, hair Botox is an incredibly beneficial treatment. Filled with natural components such as vitamins and amino acids that can help improve hair’s overall appearance, hair Botox helps leave hair smooth and full with results that last longer than other competing treatments, such as keratin treatments.

In this way, integrating hair Botox into your overall hair care regimen will help you reach your healthy hair goals.

After all, who doesn’t want fuller, healthier, smoother hair?

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